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Many players from the United States have the desire to gamble online but may be confused by the current laws and regulations that surround the topic of online gambling. In fact, there are many online casinos that will not allow US players to engage in the cash games that are available. Some software providers will prohibit US players from accessing any games or services available, which leaves these players searching for reliable and legal sites online in which they can enjoy casino gaming for cash rewards. Luckily, there are still options for these players. Once players understand the current laws, they will see that they can in fact still access online casinos and take part in cash gaming.

The recent law that was passed in the United States had many players thinking that is was unlawful for them to access any online casino with the intent to play cash games. The law, referred to as UIGEA, states that online gambling is illegal. However, if players actually read the law fully, they will see that the restrictions pertain to how casino deposits and withdrawals can be conducted. The actual law does not prohibit individual players from accessing only casinos. What it does prohibit is any US banking institution to approve transactions that are made to online casinos. This means that players cannot use a major credit or debit card or a bank transfer to access any cash games.

Players will instead have to find alternative ways to manage a casino account if they wish to engage in the gambling activities that are supported. One way to do this is to use a prepaid card. These can be purchased at retail locations or online and players will buy the card for a certain amount. That card can then be used to make cash deposits at online casinos that support that particular payment method. Unfortunately, this method will not allow for casino withdrawals, so players will have to find another way to conduct these transactions, such as by using an ewallet service.

Once players understand that there are ways to access online casinos for cash games, they will find many available methods that will allow them to complete transactions and continue to enjoy the games and services offered in a legal manner.